Autor: Dragoș-Nicolae Dumitru

Publicat în: Revista Pro Lege nr. 1/2021

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Cuvinte-cheie: modernizare, justiție, stat de drept, litigant/parte.

Synthesis of the reform package for the modernization of the French judiciary

Abstract: Modernization of justice – a must?! The French justice system has, over time, been a landmark of the rule of law for the continental law. In public discourse, modern French governments have always placed justice at the heart of the society, constantly recognizing the immutable effect that characterizes a modern society, namely that of the act of justice. In a modern society it is unanimously recognized that justice and law in general can be regarded as an element of economic attractiveness of a country. However, the period we are going through, characterized by economic crisis and changes in society affecting more and more people, brings the justice system to major and real challenges, which the governments of the countries are called upon to face. It is now necessary, more than ever, for the judiciary to be reformed, modernized, in the same pace with the reform of the other State institutions, so that the public service of justice fully meets the expectations of the litigant/party, while providing him a certain sense of effectiveness and safety. In fact, it is the judiciary that patiently builds the Sate, only to later qualify it as the rule of law and, ultimately, to assume its protection. The latest reform package launched by the French administration in the field of justice for the period 2018-2022 is part of this context.

Keywords: modernization, justice, rule of law, litigant/party.