Autor: Cezar Cioacă

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr. 11/2020

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Abstract: It is true that the average criminal is a person with a limited horizon, who out of habit, convenience or limited resources usually practices only one form of action; ordinary criminals specialize in a certain method of committing their crimes. In other words, criminals tend to commit their crimes in certain individual characteristic ways. The thief who forces the rear window with a „jemmy”, is usually limited to this method, while his brother in crime, being a thief, amplifies his skills in using specially designed keys – “pontoarca”. The pickpocket who wears a coat on his arm to hide the cunning „work” of his fingers follows that mode of operation and no other, while his colleague, professionally speaking, may limit himself to a less skillful but much more dangerous method by dispossessing the victim’s property using force in other words robbing. In this study, you will learn how and why criminals attack. Their modes of operation, which until now were clandestine and conspiracy, known only to themselves and to the police departments investigating them, I will now highlight. So, let’s follow in the footsteps of criminals who operate day or night and learn the tricks of their trade.

Keywords: perpetrator, criminal profiling, felony, signature, attack.