Autor: Dinu Ostavciuc, Constantin Rusnac

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr. 6/2021

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Abstract: The elaborated article represents a symbiosis of forensic and criminal procedural knowledge, the application of which determines the efficiency of the criminal prosecution actions carried out within the investigation of the crime of illegal migration. The identification of the tactical particularities for carrying out the criminal investigation actions represents the fundamental component in the elaboration of the methodological recommendations for the investigation of illegal migration.

The main results are that regardless of the frequency of the conduct, the most important criminal proceedings are: hearing the suspect, the migrant, the witness, search and seizure, on-site investigation, confrontation, disposition of expertise, as well as a Special investigative measures play an important role.

Keywords: methodological recommendation, criminal prosecution actions, illegal migration,
migrant, criminal prosecution.