Autor: Ileana-Denisa Știrbulescu

Publicat în: Revista Universul Juridic nr. 1/2021

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Abstract: Violation of people’s privacy has always been a hotly debated issue at the European Court of Human Rights, especially in terms of people’s correspondence. The latter has a great resonance in the online environment, given the evolution of technology around the world and the many applications that have emerged, just to facilitate remote communication between two more people.
With the development of the digital space, companies have begun to implement various working methods and means that they make available to employees / employees within the company, in order to facilitate communication and workforce. Thus, the realization of e-mail addresses for profit are among the first things offered at the beginning of the job, but also the signing of a contract and Regulation that provide some of the most important and pointed aspects related to how e-mail addresses will work. mail, what you have or do not have the right to use, own or do inside the company.

Keywords: employer, correspondence, privacy, e-mail, rights.