Autor: Remus Jurj-Tudoran

Publicat în: Revista Pro Lege nr. 1/2017

Disponibil online: aici.

Cuvinte-cheie: Islamul; terorism; terorist; lup singuratic; de-radicalizare; religie pașnică.

Abstract: The author analyses, after a short introduction in Islam, in different situations, the active system of the terrorism offence, like: the suicide terrorism, the terrorist woman, the terrorist juvenile, the “lonely wolf” type of terrorist and the independent cells, by correlating with the interpretations of the texts from the Koran issued by masses of Muslims, eager for peace and quiet and on the opposite side with the interpretations of the clergy from the radical madrasa (religious schools), in which the Jihad and the martyrdom are instruments through which are glorified the terrorist acts of the suicides.

Keywords: the Islam; terrorism; terrorist; lonely wolf; de-radicalization; peaceful religion.