Autor: Antonia-Eleonora Constantin

Publicat în: Revista Pro Lege nr. 3/2017

Disponibil online: aici.

Cuvinte-cheie: eroare judiciară; mandat european de arestare; răspunderea civilă a statului român

Abstract: The author presents a point of view over the engaging of civil liability of the Romanian State in case of judicial errors produced when the Romanian Judicial Authorities execute European Arrest Warrants issued by other states.

Out of editorial reasons, the survey contains 122 pages, and has been divided in three parts, the first part being published in the current number of the “Pro Lege” magazine, and the other parts in the following numbers of the magazine (no. 4/2017, respectively no. 1/2018).

Keywords: judicial error; European Arrest Warrant; civil responsibility of the Romanian State