Autor: Dantes MARCOVICI, Călin MOCANU

Publicat în: Challenges of the Knowledge Society, 2015
Disponibil online: aici.
Abstract: In this study our aim is to analyze the way of establishment, individualize and change of the arrangements for the execution of the punishment in relation to changes brought about by the Law no. 254/2013, on the implementation of the measures and penalties of imprisonment arranged by legal bodies during trial, published in the Official Gazette no. 514 of August 14 2013. Also, we will examine the role of the Commission for the establishment, individualization and changing arrangements for executing the sentences of imprisonment, including through the atributions in provisional determination of the arrangements for implementation, the role of the judge appointed for the supervision of imprisonment and the court ruling in the case of application of these schemes.

Keywords: Establishment, change, individualization, imprisonment, sentencing regime.